karva chauth moon rise time

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 19 Oct 2016 India

Expected Karva Chauth moon rise time for 19 October 2016 in India is: 8:30 PM

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  • Banglore
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  • Chennai

What is karva Chauth?

karva chauth moon rise timeKarva Chauth is one of the important festivals for the women, especially among the Hindus. This is the festival in which the women keep fast right from the sunrise and continue till the moon. The fast is discontinued only after seeing the moon. This fast is done for the long life of the husbands and thus kept only by the married women. Today some unmarried women also keep Karva Chauth for their fiancée as well as and perform all the rituals related to it.
It is very difficult to fast wherein women do not eat and drink for the entire day. Though it is the festival of the North India but celebrated in other parts of India as well like Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc.

When is Karva Chauth celebrated?

Karva Chauth comes in the Kartik month and celebrated on the 4th day of the full moon. Every year the date is different and depends on the full moon only.

Origin of this festival: Karva Chauth derives its name from Karva meaning “pot” and Chauth meaning “four”. This is the reason that it is celebrated on the 4th day of the full moon. According to the historical story, the Hindus during the Mughal rule would go out to the war in order to protect India. They would leave their wives behind and lose their life. That is why the women would pray for their life and spend the entire day fasting for their husbands. This is how the trend of Karva Chauth started.

Karva Chauth in modern style: Today Karva Chauth is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show wherein the ladies dress up in beautiful attires. They start shopping long ago so that they can dress up beautifully and seek the attention of their husbands. They fast for the entire day and in the evening a small puja is done and thereafter the husband will offer water to their wives in front of the moon after the puja is complete. This is how the whole day is spent in doing the preparations of the puja and making delicious dishes as well.

In the modern times, ceremonies are held in different communities where the women get together and perform the puja. Food stalls are also organized where they can enjoy the delicious food after the fast is over. Music, dance performances and lots of entertainment is something that you should watch out for. The women have a gala time with their husbands enjoying the evening with them. The rituals may slightly differ from one religion to the other but the main motive remains the same. It is all about the love, affection, and care that the husband-wife shares with one another.

Karva Chauth is really a special festival for the couples as it marks their bond of love and togetherness. Every year the women wait eagerly for their festival and begin the preparations long before so that they can enjoy the festival to the fullest. It is a day full of fun, excitement and several surprises from their husbands that complete the day.