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why karva chauth is celebrated

Why is Karva Chauth celebrated?

why karva chauth is celebratedKarva Chauth is the festival of women celebrated in the month of Kartik. Every year in the same month, the festival falls on the 4th day of full moon and celebrated by fasting for the complete day. It begins as soon as the sun rise’s and kept till the moon. It is an important Hindu Festival but nowadays it is celebrated by the women of all religions.
The fast of Karva Chauth is kept for the husbands so that they can enjoy a long life, good health, and prosperous career.

How Karva Chauth started?

Karva Chauth is a festival which is celebrated from the ancient times. During the Mughal rule, the Hindu men would often go out to war to save the dynasty and would die during the war. This is when the women started keeping the fast for the life for their husbands. It is said that the prayer of a woman is very powerful and if done with a pure heart can definitely save the life of her husband. This is how the tradition started and women enjoyed the full day preparing for the puja and other things done in the evening.

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Another story behind the Karva Chauth goes like this. During the olden times, the girl had to leave her father’s house and move into a new place with her husband and the in-laws. As this would be a new place for her, therefore, it would take time in adjusting and this would require the help of someone with whom she could share everything she likes. This could either be her mother-in-law or sister-in-law. So she would have to establish a good relationship with both of them and this festival marked the bond between them. Going to her parent’s home was not so easy and that is why she had to befriend with her in-laws only. This is how Karva Chauth was also a celebration of the bond that the women would share with her in-laws. Thus this was another tradition behind the celebration of this festival.
There are different stories in every religion, however, the end motive is the celebration of love whether it is between the husband and wife or with her in-laws. It is surely a festival that brings love between the people and even if you are away from your dear ones, still you can cherish the bond you share with them.

How is it celebrated?

Karva Chauth begins with the fast and later in the evening, the women will perform the puja followed by seeing the moon during the night. Once they see the moon, they can break their fast with water that is given by their husbands. In return their pray for their husbands and seek their blessings as well. Even the girls keep this fast for they would be husbands and perform all the rituals in the way it has to be.

In India, Karva Chauth has really become very popular and women of all religions have started celebrating it. So enjoy the festival with your family and have a great time.

best food for karva chauth

Best food to eat during Karva Chauth fast

Karva Chauth is a Hindu festival that is celebrated by the women. On this day, the married women have to keep fast for the entire day and open it only when they see the moon. The fast begins just after the sunrise and ends only after seeing the option. During this period, the women are not allowed to eat or drink anything. However, in most of the customs, the women can eat before the sunrise so that they can keep the fast for the whole day. It is called sargi and is eaten in the morning.

If you too keep Karva Chauth fast, here are some of the best foods that you should eat to maintain your energy.

best food for karva chauth

Eat fruits – Fruits are very healthy and are one of the best ways to start your day. As you do not have to drink water for the entire day, have lots of citrus fruits that are rich and at the same time cover up the requirement of water. In this way, you won’t feel thirsty and will be able to complete the fast without any problem.

Nuts – Karva Chauth is a very difficult task as you cannot eat or drink anything before the moon appears. That is why to make sure your sargi includes nuts like almonds and cashews as these can provide a lot of energy. Nuts contain a lot of fat, therefore, you will not feel hungry and will be able to do the daily home tasks without any problem. So if you wish to stay energetic, eat nuts in the morning.

Take warm water – Once you have finished eating your sargi make sure you drink lukewarm water which is good for health and also its benefits are immense. Do not drink too much of water as it will result in frequent urination and at the end of the day, you will start feeling thirsty. 2-3 glasses are enough as it will help in maintaining the temperature of the body and away from all kinds of health problems too.

Keep yourself busy – Keeping the fast is difficult, thus it will be a good idea to keep yourself busy. You can start the evening preparation of the puja and the eatables that need to be made. Everything that is required can be done in advance so that in the evening you are free from the work and can focus on your dressing. Do relax for some time or else you will get tired and this may increase your problems.

Eating light and healthy is the only way to keep the Karva Chauth fast. If you eat too much, you will feel heavy and will want to sleep more. So do keep away from oily and sugary food items as it contains a lot of calories and can lower down your energy level. If you keep the above tips in mind, you will definitely have a great day and can enjoy the festival too. So get started with all the preparation and make the day a special one.